Adult Ice Skating Masters Free Style Program

Here is a video of my adult masters free style program from my first figure skating competition of 2015.   I was really pleased with how well it went, especially since due to a combination of illness and injury I really hadn’t been able to train all that much in the weeks leading up to the competition.

The other adult I was competing against was actually young enough to be my daughter, she’s also a training buddy of mine so we made sure to cheer madly for each other!    Unfortunately she didn’t have her best skate and was beaten by this old lady….she’s since vowed to make me work much harder for the gold medal next time we skate against each other!

I was pleased to get both axels as well as all three spins,   there’s still a lot more work to be done on the spins in terms or speed and consistency but at least I didn’t bail out or dumb down anything.    This is the second year I have had this program so my cardiovascular and muscular endurance was good, nothing like having mileage on your programs to give you confidence!

Do you have a free style program?  What level do you skate at?   What do you love/hate about your program?   Comment and Share!

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Figure Skating???? At Your Age????


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Has anyone ever said this to you?  

It’s been my experience that most of the times when I hear this people are saying it with respect and awe; more often than not they will follow up with a confession that they would love to be able to do this or are totally blown away by your perseverance and dedication.

Fortunately, I need less than all five fingers on one hand to count the number of times that someone has said it to me with sarcastic or belittling intent.

In 2012 I wrote a book for adult ice skaters, at the time it was unique in that no one had ever written any kind of instruction guide for this population.   Considering how little I promoted the guide, the only way you could order it was via my website, it has sold well.

If you or someone you know is new to adult ice skating, this is the guide for you!

Do you want to get started but have no idea how to find out where to get lessons, coaches, equipment, this is the guide book for you,

Are you and adult figure  skater and want a drop a hint to your significant other? Get this book to them

By purchasing the book, you help support this web site; please share the link with your friends.

The cover?   Yep that’ s mum and dad.

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Driving Miss/Mr. Ice Skating Official

imagesCA69EZGJBefore Christmas you may recall that I did something that I had never done in all of my 53 years…I spent the weekend as a volunteer driver at the 2015 Skate Canada Challenge.  

The chance to rub shoulders with up and coming champions and famous figure skating coaches as well as the chance to give back to our sport were my motivating factors. The nifty jacket, food and good company were added bonuses. Continue reading

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Happy New Year From International Adult Figure Skating

Wishing You Good Health,




Figure SkatingSuccess

In 2015

           Lori and the team at International Adult Figure

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Christmas Carols, Penguins and a Nice Single Loop Jump

I love this animation!!!   

For those who are celebrating Christmas today:  may you be blessed with the peace and joy of Christ

For those of you who are not celebrating Christmas today: may you also be blessed with peace and joy!

That is all!

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Christmas Wishes From International Adult Figure Skating! Take It Easy!

Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas festivities and indulging in  some good cheer, you are all grown-ups so I leave it up to you to decide on exactly what kind of cheer you wish to indulge in!

Hope you are taking it easy  this week, have a look at how Kurt Browning and The Barenaked Ladies take it `Easy`.

Not exactly a well balanced program but pretty good for an old bald guy in his 40`s!

Quiz of the Day:   How many double axels does he do in this program?

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Volunteering as an Adult Ice Skater

IMG_0741Last weekend I did something that I had never done in all of my 53 years…I spent the weekend as a volunteer at the 2015 Skate Canada Challenge.  This is the sole qualifying event for novice, junior, and senior skaters to earn berths for the 2015 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships taking place in Kingston, Ont., from January 19-25, 2015. Skaters have qualified for the 2015 Skate Canada Challenge by advancing through their home sectional championships. Continue reading

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Adult Ice Skater of the Month December 2014


B-0000049aCongratulations to International Adult Figure Skating’s Adult Ice Skater of the Month : Diane!

I first met Diane via the internet…. not  Facebook or any of the usual social media sites, she had purchased my on-line book,   “Figure Skating??  At Your Age??? But due to internet gremlins, she had not yet received her copy.   We ended it up emailing back and forth trying to resolve the problem and in doing this realized that we both lived in the same part of the country and were planning on competing in the same local adult ice skating competitions.

In actual fact we ended up competing against each other in adult interpretive skating event at the beginning of November.  Given that there were only two of us in the event we both ended up on the podium.  I placed first and Diane second.  As fate would have it, they had run out of silver medals so we were both awarded a gold medal.   Read on for more about Diane’s skating story and why she deserved the gold that day.

Diane told me that while she skated for two years as a child she returned to the ice two and a half years ago after an absence of 40 years!   She remained active in the intervening years and participated in a variety of different sports such as rock-climbing, caving and competitive tae kwon do.

She also developed a love of choreography during the ten years she managed her children’s gymnastics show,   she continues to nurture this passion by creating her own interpretive ice skating programs.

Diane loves competing and hopes to represent her club at as many local adult ice skating competitions as possible this year.   

 In Diane’s own words:

“Definitely I will try to skate as long as possible … I am 65 and I hope it lasts!

I had surgery in 2010 for a hip replacement; my doctor tore his hair when I told him I was doing figure skating! That is why I am still more fearful to try new things,

Thank you and if it can give the idea to other moms to return to skating, it would be cool.!”

Thank you Diane!  So all you Moms out there who have been thinking about skating: If Diane can do it, so can you!

If you are already and adult figure skater, why not forward this post to a non-skating friend!

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Ballet Floor-Barre for Adult Ice Skaters.

My killer floor-barre exercise

My killer floor-barre exercise

Last month I shared how I had changed my training regimen with the addition of an on-ice skills and endurance class.  Another important component has been the addition of a “floor barre” class once a week.    I’ve always loved dance, ballet in particular but unfortunately I hadn’t been able to take class for over ten years due to lack of time and a nagging hip injury.    In the spring of this year I had a chance to take a floor-barre class.   

What on earth is floor-barre you might ask?

It is a series of exercises based on ballet steps and done to music which are performed lying or sitting on the floor. It’s an ideal way to improve strength and flexibility by enabling you to work on isolated parts of the body without tensing, as you might when standing.   It is a great way of returning to exercise after an injury or time off and is especially beneficial for beginners. 

We usually start in a sitting position with about 15 minutes of gentle movement to warm up all the joints in the body.   Then we do all the typical ballet barre exercises: pliés, battement tendus, ronde de jambs, etc., while lying on our backs or on our stomachs.  The worst one has to be ronde de jambe to the back…I swear my legs weigh 500 lbs!   

Since you are lying down, your pelvis and low back are immobilized so you can’t cheat and use these larger muscles to work your legs.     As a figure skater these muscles are in constant use, it’s great to be able to give them a rest and strengthen weaker muscles.

The last 15 minutes or so consists or gentle flexibility exercises. 

I’m sure Yoga or Pilates classes would be equally as effective but I love to move to music and I really do hope to improve enough to return to vertical ballet classes one day.  I do find a significant decrease in my hip flexor pain and stiffness after the class and it is a nice way to end my training week.  I suspect that if I had continued with ballet that the injury to my hip may have been avoided.

Do you take ballet classes or do other activities to counteract over-use syndromes that occur in ice skating?  Do you combine them with other activities such as massage?  (Lucky you!!)  Please share and comment!

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Happy Thanksgiving to All Our American Ice Skating Friends!


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