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Essentrics for Adult Ice Skaters

Devoted ice skaters need to cross-train since  we repeat the same movements over and over, often for hours at a time on a regular basis, this is hard on the body at any age. I train with teens in a Sport-Study Programme and they often complain about the same aches and...

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Dinner With The King

  My figure skating  club’s year-end show was this past  Saturday and only now am I coming down from the tremendous adrenaline rush that’s been building for the past month.  Since it was our 50th anniversary edition  we were fortunate to have not only...

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Dancing with the Figure Skating Stars

My figure skating club only holds an annual ice show every two years and we like it like that, it keeps us all kindly disposed to one another and doesn’t burn out our volunteers.  In the off year, it also means we can keep training until the end of March; especially...

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Great to be Back!!!

After being off the ice for a year due to injury I was really pleased with my interpretive program skate this past weekend.   This was actually my second adult figure skating competition but I didn’t get any video of the first one (and you are not missing...

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Opportunities for Artists (Who Figure Skate)

   If you seriously want to think outside the figure skating box my friend Alexandre Hamel would love to talk and innovate with you. I first met him when he was a competitive skater, delighted that his creativity is being noticed and applauded internationally. ...

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Fitting In and Working Around

This fall, I finally bit the bullet and retired from a rather unspectacular 30 year career as an Occupational Therapist.  Being permanently downsized last year forced my hand a little but overall it was a good thing since I had reached the point where I had worked in...

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Battling Your Figure Skating Demons

As adult ice skaters, we often have situations playing out in our non- ice skating lives that follow us to the rink.  In this  must-watch video,  elite US figure skaters share what their biggest figure skating challenges have been.     Could you have ever guessed what...

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Just Endure It!

Last week, I explained a type of endurance that is crucial to a skater’s performance: muscular endurance.  This allows a figure skater to be able to continue at a moderate to intense level of activity for 2, 3, or 4 minutes, interspersed by several bouts of explosive...

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Let it Grow!!!!

It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere and in my corner of the world we have been blessed with reasonable amounts of sun and rain, all in all very comfortable.  Since our summers are relatively short I like to get outside whenever possible.  Not that I give up...

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