Senior Ice Dancers Sparkle and Shine

Last week we all enjoyed  gold level ice dancers Diana and Geoff’s free dance.    They have spent many hours of hard work to get up to this impressive level and they are most certainly adult figure skating role models for all of us.

Equally inspirational are ice dancers Larry Smith and Lorna Morgan.  Click on this link to see a video interview.

Lorna skated as a child and was encouraged by her daughter (talk about role reversal, :)) to return to the ice as a senior citizen to take up ice dance.

She and Larry have been dancing together for approximately eight years.

My favorite part of the interview is Lorna’s advice to “not think too much”;   my coach says that to me all the time!!

Larry also gives a very concise history of the origins of ice dance, some of the hazards of being on a crowded session and, of course, no discussion about figure skating is complete with out that one thing we all do on a regular basis:  fall down!

Three cheers for Larry and Lorna!  Long may they waltz/tango/foxtrot!

Please share this with non-skating friends!  Larry and Lorna  capture the essence, joy and passion of adult skating.   At the same time, they show that ice dance can be fun and  accessible, even if you are just getting started..

If you know Larry and Lorna, please convey best wishes from International Adult Figure

And one final request:  what dances do they skate during the video?  First person to answer in the comments section below will get a free copy of my offer,  How to Prepare for a Figure Skating Competition!

PS. Be patient with the video, lots of ads at first.

PPS.  Full credit must be given  to Canadian adult skater and coach, Jan Calnan for the phrase “Sparkle and Shine”, it’s just so appropriate for these two :)

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2 Responses to Senior Ice Dancers Sparkle and Shine

  1. Lori Robertson says:

    Thank you and congratulations to Mary for being the winner of last week’s “Identify that Dance” challenge. Your prize, “How to Prepare for a Figure Skating Competition” is on it’s way to you as we speak!

  2. How fun! I spotted the Rhythm Blues, Cha-Cha, and Swing Dance out there.

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