Adult Ice Skating in Brazil: Maravilhoso!


Victorious Elaine celebrates with coach Eldo!

 Living in Canada, I truly appreciate that I am able to have so many great resources available to me as a recreational adult figure skater: such as, facilities, time, equipment and coaches, to name a few.  Last year, I had the opportunity to skate while I was visiting Thailand.  It was quite the experience: the rink was much smaller, the ice was extremely soft and the quality of the equipment was low.  Yet the rink that day was packed with enthusiastic skaters.  There are a number of foreign and local coaches there who are nurturing the first generation of young competitive skaters.

Several weeks ago, I met Elaine on-line at my adult skating Facebook page when she responded to a challenge to post a video.  I love watching any figure skating video, but it’s so encouraging when adult skaters post videos.  A special shout out to the skating newbies.  It is an enormous encouragement to other adult skaters when you do this.  It can be tempting to compare ourselves with younger or elite skaters, so it’s nice to see what skills other adults are able to accomplish.  Elaine is from a country in which ice is more likely to be considered as something to chill your drink —  Brazil!

Elaine graciously agreed to an online interview to tell us about adult figure skating in Brazil.

Um grande obrigado Elaine!


Country: BRAZIL

Age: 44

What Figure Skating Disciplines do you skate? (Ex ice dance, free style, theatre on ice, etc.)

Free style

When and at what age did you start skating?

December, 2010…. I was 41, but I some years before I roller skated as a hobby and had some very rudimentary contacts with ice.  When I started I had just been pregnant from my only son:  the other skaters and their moms said they were inspired by the recent mother who brought nanny and baby to look at her school figures. 

Did you skate as a kid?


How many hours per week do you skate?

4 hours.  Being a mom, completing a MBA course, and practicing law as a partner in an Intellectual Property firm does not allow for much more leeway.

Are adult figure skaters accepted and welcomed in your club/training location?

Yes, even though we do not have many adults over 35 years skating.

How popular is figure skating in your country?

Figure skating is not very popular as other sports are, for example, ballet, beach volleyball and soccer. The skating rinks here are very small (the biggest was ¼ of official size and is being closed now) and mostly used for recreation.

What elements are you working on?

Singles flip and loop jumps, fast, camel, sit and back spins,  Ina Bauer and inside moon.

What are your figure skating goals?

Make the above elements perfectly to follow others like: axel jump, spread eagles, flying camel… To keep competing in the State and National tournaments: this year for the first time the competition rules created a specific class for over-28 skaters. Up to now I was competing with athletes more than half my age (two third places…. just after a 20 and 25-year old skater).  

What is your biggest challenge you face as an adult figure skater?

To get doubles jumps, make camel and sit spins with more rotation and get to cross the ice in Ina Bauer position.  To compensate with care and finishing the lesser speed age brings us. 

What do you love most about skating?

The amazing performance that brings together dance that seems to make us float.

What words of encouragement would you like to give adult figure skaters?

Be persevering and value your advance because ice skating is always something fun, cute and incredibly exciting.

Want to see Elaine in action?  Be on the lookout for an extra special blog post later this week!

As always, please comment and share.  Even better, share a video or a picture of your best or infamous skate with us!

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2 Responses to Adult Ice Skating in Brazil: Maravilhoso!

  1. Lori Robertson says:

    Rafael: Elaine sent me this link to petition for an olympic size ice rink in Rio. I’m reposting it here but will put it every where else I can too! Bravo on the accomplishments of Brazilian Skaters in spite of not having any decent training centres!

  2. Rafael says:

    I´m a figure skatingh coach here in Brasil and a friend of Elaine. It´s great to see brazilian figure skating being noticed by other contries. In Brasil it´s really dificult to pratice figure skating so I´m very proud of our coaches and skaters!

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