21 Jul 2016

“Ice skating as a mindful movement practice for all ages
This skating project was geared towards people mid age and older. The majority has not been on the ice for decades.
Our goal was to contribute to the community as a way to enhance physical and mental health.
The idea behind this project is to bring people together, talk about basic issues of skating, prepare with exercises for body and mind and last not least — enjoy the experience on the ice!”

This is a great an innovative way of introducing beginner adult figure skaters to the ice in a safe and confidence building way.   The off ice warm up gently mimics skills that are necessary on the ice and focus on soft, gentle knee movements.  These ladies and gentlemen will all become excellent ice dancers.  I’ve learned a few things that I want to try with my adult beginner when we start back next month.

Also unique was the focus on the mental health benefits that being part of an adult figure skating community can bring.

Thank-you Anne Guntert for sharing this remarkable project with us.

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