Figure Skating?????…..At Your Age????

An Introduction and Encouragement for the Hesitant Figure Skater of a “Certain” Age.

How to start (or re-start) figure skating as an adult.

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From The Desktop Of: Lori Robertson
Date: Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016


Dear Friend,
We’ve never met, but I do know these things about you:

You always wanted to figure skate as a child but never had the opportunity or you skated as a child and would like to take it up again and you want to know how to get started!


I can relate! I am an adult figure skater. In my case I started as a child but then stopped

Follow Your Dreams!

Follow Your Dreams!

for almost 15 years, I returned to the ice to settle a bit of “unfinished business” namely a dance test which I had tried and failed more times than I care to count as a teen-ager. My goal at that time was just to pass that dance and then quit. Ha! I was bitten by the adult figure skating bug and have not stopped since!

Since then I have the good fortune to meet and train with adult figure skaters from all backgrounds….from former competitive champions to absolute beginners. We have shared stories and experiences about such things as age discrimination towards adult figure skaters, injury, self doubt and the sweet victory of finally mastering a difficult element. I have seen people transition from newbie recreational skater to fierce competitor!


Every week I meet people who would love to start or return to figure skating but don’t know how or where to begin and these curious souls have inspired me to write this helpful guide.

For the past few years, I have poured my heart and soul into learning everything I could about adult figure skating. I ate, slept, and drank this world, and as a result of being immersed in it for over 15 years, by taking and passing tests, competing, and training to become a figure skating coach I’m now considered an expert in this field, so I’m well qualified to help you.

“How My $23.00 Guide Helps You … Permanently”

Inside, you’ll discover the very best, most up to date tips and strategies for  starting figure skating as an adult.  It’s just over thirty pages long  and there’s no fluff or filler, it’s packed with practical information you can use instantly.

A few people that have already had privileged preview access to the guide told me that the information I share in the few short pages of the guide is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I admit, it’s not the prettiest layout – I’m no graphic designer, but if you’re looking for practical advice you can rely on, directly “from the trenches”, written by someone with years of experience, I can help you! This guide will give you the confidence to begin figure skating.


Here’s a sample of what’s inside the guide:

You’re 40 years old and you want to start what??

  • 10 reasons why you should start or return to figure skating.

An Abbreviated and Selective History of Figure Skating.

  • A short chapter to bring you up to speed on our beloved sport’s history.

Disciplines of Figure Skating.

  • The giant myth that adults can’t figure skate and why it is untrue.

You’ve made your decision to figure skate, now what?

  • Insider strategies for getting started.

On the Ice at Last!

  • Instantly improve your chances of success.

No Looking Back!

  • The best ways to to advance beyond the beginner stage.

Off You Go!

  •  Resources and helpful websites for adult figure skaters.


“Why This Guide Works for Adult Figure Skaters Like You and Me”

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking yourself if my Guide will work for you, right?  Here’s the thing: I promise that all of the information i share  in this very special guide continue to work for you, they work for your family, and they work for your friends and colleagues.

Your investment to get this guide is just $23.00.  So what’s the catch, right?  Well, I’m going to level with you … I’m planning on raising the price soon.  But for now, I’m offering it to you (and others who stumble across this site) for $23.00 on the following condition:

Read it.  And then take action by giving me your feedback about how it helped you on my blog at That’s all I ask. I want your honest opinion because it’ll help me make further changes to enhance the guide for future readers, who’ll be paying a much higher price!

So it’s decision making time…

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Figure Skating?????…..At your ????
An Introduction and Encouragement for the Hesitant Figure Skater of a “Certain” Age.

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I can understand why you might be cautious.  After all, we’ve never met, you don’t know me and I don’t know you.  That’s part of the reason why I’ve priced the guide so ridiculously low at just $23.00.

I’m hoping you’ll say to yourself, “heck, it’s only $23.00, what have I got to lose?!” Your credit or debit card payment is processed by PayPal, and it’s fully protected and guaranteed by them.  I know that you’ll benefit greatly from the information, so I’ve tried to remove all barriers for you.

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Kind regards,
Lori Robertson

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