My figure skating club only holds an annual ice show every two years and we like it like that, it keeps us all kindly disposed to one another and doesn’t burn out our volunteers.  In the off year, it also means we can keep training until the end of March; especially useful for adult competitive figure skaters, since many of our competitions are in April and May.   

It will be a full show this year, with about 200 skaters in all, from age 3 to age me!  We also have some members who are competing at a fairly advanced level: 1 Junior men’s skater, 1 Junior pair, 1 Junior dance couple and 2 skaters who will be moving up to Provincial Pre-novice ladies next year.  I’m skating in all four club senior level (senior as in level of skating, not age) numbers. 

Even though year-end shows may bring out the skater-zilla in some people, you have to admit they are a magical experience.  The spotlights, costumes, scenery and cheering crowds and the energy that goes with it can’t be beat.  This is also my biennial flirtation with synchronized skating and as of this week, pairs (I have a new respect for the core strength that the girls need for the death spiral). 

Finally, it’s a great opportunity to get to know my teen and young adult skating buddies a little better.  We always have special guests too, usually local skaters who have competed at the provincial or national level.  It’s always nice to see them, since they often do not train on our ice. 

So, up until now practices had been going very well.  Until …  I found out last week that our special guest skaters will be none other than world ice dance champions, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, as well as the legendary Elvis Stojko and Shawn Sawyer.

Be still my beating heart!!!  I’m in equal parts gobsmacked and stressed…   the pressure is now on to raise the bar and make our senior numbers spectacular.  Our choreographers were already going above and beyond to create numbers that are creative and unique.  Now, it’s up to us to be the most excellent skaters ever!!

I’m not normally one for selfies, but I definitely want to get a picture for posterity with these four people.  When I was volunteering at the Autumn Classic last year, I did occasionally cross paths with Tessa and Scott, but I don’t like to pester people at major competitions; they have enough to think about.  But this time, they are on my ice, so  –  yes to selfies!!

Will keep you posted!




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