2017 :Lori had a much better skate 🙂

I found this in my archives and thought it worthwhile to re-post,  although it may seem like this site is turning into the the Gabby Daleman fan club!  for the record I really like Kaetlyn Osmond and of course Ashley Wagner and Carolina Kostner but I digress…. The focus of the article is those times when in spite of all your efforts you have a less than spectacular skate and how to regroup. I fact finishing so poorly at

2017:Gabby had a very much better skate 🙂

 the end of the 2014-15 season was particularly hard  as I had to sit out the entire 2015-16 season due to injury.

Last week I skated in my last adult figure skating competition for the 2014-15 season. Originally I had hoped to participate in Canadian Adult Nationals but finances and urgent business on the home front conspired against me so I elected to skate in our provincial adult event instead.  As usual I participated in both free skate and the interpretive skating events.

Unlike Adult Nationals, our provincial event does not divide the categories by age so I ended up competing against another 19 year-old in the free skate.    In spite of the fact that she had a program full of doubles and her score was nearly twice mine I was very happy with my second place skate,  I got 2 out of 3 spins, both axels and apart from a slight deduction on a jump combo no –GOE on anything else.   Over all have I been very pleased with my free skate results this year, and as far as I was concerned the battle was for the silver medal that night.

I was not expecting a podium finish for the interpretive since there were 4 teenagers who were all strong skaters and had consistently beaten me all season, having said that I was pleased that my scores had not been significantly lower than theirs.  So I was absolutely floored to finish in 9th (ie last) place that night!!

In all the years I have competed interpretive, I have never finished last, even when I skate against the kids I have never come last.  I was even beaten by other adults (real, over the age of 25 adults).  Honestly I thought I skated well enough but my points were the lowest I have ever received for this program.

Really not the results I wanted or expected. Talk about disappointment!

But I was in good company, the day before I had watched our national ladies’ champion, Gabrielle Daleman self destruct in the short program at the world figure skating championships and finish 21st, talk about disappointment.   Gabby is one of those fireball skaters with loads of energy and huge jumps, she had an Olympic medal to her credit and a great season behind her.   What was impressive was the strength of character and maturity beyond her 17 years that she showed in the interview after wards.  In summary she accepted all responsibility for her performance and stated it was her job to make the necessary corrections and prepare for the free skate, no tears, no blaming and no pity party.

I’d love to tell you she had a Hollywood happy ending in the long program but that didn’t end well either.

So now we are two peas in a pod trying to figure out what went wrong…in my case I’m wondering if I should just scrap the program and start over.  Re-work the steps?  Maybe it was just that bad!  For both of us the worse thing we can do is spend time on excessive rumination, Gabby’s right: fix it and move on!

What was your biggest ice skating disappointment?  What did you learn from it and how did you move on?

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