After being off the ice for a year due to injury I was really pleased with my interpretive program skate this past weekend.   This was actually my second adult figure skating competition but I didn’t get any video of the first one (and you are not missing anything either lol).   I managed a third place finish against two very strong competitors so I have my work cut out for me.   The power and flow have improved a lot since I started training again in the Fall of last year, so much so that I was actually ahead of my music in a few places here.   I can do better though, so in addition to just improving the speed and flow  I hope to add a layback  spin at the very beginning and replace back camel at the end with a flying camel/variation.   

My legs were a little crampy towards the end but I was happy with my endurance,   the key to endurance is just making sure you do your program all the way through every time you get on the ice.  Next year I’m going to add back to back runthroughs as well….no they are not pleasant but I’ll be in good company with the competitive kids I skate with, it’s rough for them too.  

I also need to start working on a free skate program, the goal is to be ready for the first competition of the 2017-18 in November.   At this point a trip to Germany doesn’t seem likely  but you never know what can happen in a year!

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