How to Lose Your Sanity in One Easy Lesson

The adult beginner when bit by the bug
Becomes as addicted as one on a drug.
Wild-eyed and violent he has one obsession—
Never to miss a single club session.
Rome may be burning, the world ending soon.
But the senior club session will still start at noon.
The adult beginner has one driving aim,
To change that “beginner” to “skater of fame”.
Nan Crook, 1960

This week I have  a bit of inspired verse.  I found it in an article in the June 1960 edition of “Skating” entitled, “Never Too Old to Learn.”  

Random thoughts this week:
•    I really want to provide more coverage on adult pair skaters, dancers and synchro teams,  if any one can provide me with articles or interviews I would be happy to post them….send pictures and videos too!
•    It would be fun to provide reports on adult figure skating training camps and ice dance weekends.
•    Anyone have any recipes for power breakfasts before 6:30 am practices?
•    It would be really nifty to do more interviews and profiles of adult figure skaters of all levels and locations.
•    How about featuring spouses/significant others of adult skaters?

•    Rehabilitation of figure skating related injuries?  
•    Orthotics in figure skates… yea or nay?

One project I do want to complete soon is some type of guide for handling nerves in a competitive or test setting.  I have the reference material collected and  I just have to assemble it in some nice  document form.  Hopefully, I can provide suggestions on ways of controlling the jitters and my readers can let me know what worked and what didn’t.   

I’ve also more or less completed the first draft of an online book on warm-ups, cool downs and injury prevention for adult figure skaters,  Hope to have it published by September 2016.

Remember, the purpose of this website is to form a community of support for we adult ice  skaters.  So, I’m looking for feedback, fellow skaters.  What do you think of these ideas?  Is there any topic that I have left out, or that you would like more information on?   Any volunteers to report on adult figure skating camps or competitions?  No worries if you are not a writer, just tell me if you are going to one of these events.  I would interview you via Skype or similar and do the write-up based on your comments and feedback.  The more interactive we can make this website and the more contributors and perspectives we get the better.


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