When I am not busy writing and tending to this site or it’s companion Facebook page,    I like to read everyone’s adult figure skating blogs and adult ice skating  Facebook posts…. Simply put,  we are an amazing community and I love to read about everyone’s triumphs, big or small.

Here are some of my favorite blogs. While there are many great figure skating blogs and websites out there I’m focusing on these as there are exclusively devoted to adult ice skating.   The authors all post on a regular basis and the content is fun and interesting.   So in no particular order here they are:

Joskates    Jo is the complete adult figure skating package.    From training reports to ice skating travel it’s all there as well as poetry and recipes.

Fit and Fed    Come for Mary’s  skating news and training reports…..stay for the smoothie recipes!

On Thin Ice    Site run by  “a 60-something year old goat (who’s counting? I don’t look a day over 70)”    I love George’s attention to detail as well as his delightfully witty writing style.     His description of his first experiences with adult figure skating competitions and tests should be mandatory reading for all newbie adult ice skaters!

The Ice Doesn’t Care   Babette seamlessly fuses Star Trek and adult figure skating, it is a thing of beauty.

Sk8stuff   Looking for information on figure skating clubs or competitions?   While not specifically adult focused, Don’s site pretty much covers figure skating events in North America.  Also has great a great reference library.  My favorite go-to site.

Do you have a favorite skating website?  What do you like about it?  Feel free to share it so we can all enjoy!

PS and don’t forget to play the video after reading this, it will make you happy 🙂

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