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Just Endure It!

Last week, I explained a type of endurance that is crucial to a skater’s performance: muscular endurance.  This allows a figure skater to be able to continue at a moderate to intense level of activity for 2, 3, or 4 minutes, interspersed by several bouts of explosive...

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Let it Grow!!!!

It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere and in my corner of the world we have been blessed with reasonable amounts of sun and rain, all in all very comfortable.  Since our summers are relatively short I like to get outside whenever possible.  Not that I give up...

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Adult Ice Skating Project in Germany

21 Jul 2016 “Ice skating as a mindful movement practice for all ages This skating project was geared towards people mid age and older. The majority has not been on the ice for decades. Our goal was to contribute to the community as a way to enhance physical and...

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Leadership Lessons From Ice Skating

Last week I attended a week-long Ultimate Leadership Camp in New York State to develop the fundamental skills of a successful leader by practicing the art of leadership — again and again — until it became second nature. We learned how to have even more clarity in...

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Beastly or Beautiful?

How’s is your training going?  Is that competition or test date too close for comfort?? Don’t give up!!!   Every minute of your practice is time well spent!    May you be ambushed by success when it matters most! I`m off on vacation this week, I`m...

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Re-try… downgrade… didn’t get your level…. popped everything!!!! Words every figure skater cringes at hearing. We really are exceptionally hard on ourselves after a bad skate. Even though you think we should know better, adult figure skaters are not...

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Pity Party’s Over Folks……

The following Monday, I felt little bit better, but still tired.  Unfortunately, I still had a dry cough that was adversely affected by the cold. Back on the ice, everything was more or less there.  I still managed a run-through, with no doubles though.  At least that...

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Whine and Cheese

  Inspiration and Motivation – wherever do we adult figure skaters find these to keep going on the “meh”/”blah” or down days? You know, those days where you wonder if you’ve made any progress in the last five years of your skating life.  Those days where...

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