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Reflections on Orlando

Why do we figure skate?     There have been many times when practice time at the rink has been a haven from life difficulties I was dealing with. This week at least fifty families lives were shattered, there may well be more since there are many gravely injured...

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Of SOVs, PCs and GOEs

This week, I am featuring an article by USFSA on the basics of the competitive scoring system.  Without going into too much detail, it replaced the 6.0 system in 2003, following the judging scandal at the 2002 Olympics ( Sordid details here ). In the United Stares it...

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How to Lose Your Sanity in One Easy Lesson

How to Lose Your Sanity in One Easy Lesson The adult beginner when bit by the bug Becomes as addicted as one on a drug. Wild-eyed and violent he has one obsession— Never to miss a single club session. Rome may be burning, the world ending soon. But the senior club...

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Axel Acrimony

My relationship with Mr. Axel had always been dysfunctional, most likely because he knew I needed him more than he needed me.    We had a brief dalliance when I was a much younger skater however I decided he was too high-maintenance.  Mr Double Loop and his pals...

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(Ice) Dance With Me!

For a variety of reasons, I stopped figure skating for approximately 15 years during the late eighties and early nineties.  When I returned to the ice, I did ice dance exclusively.  I had never been a jumper, and I felt that advancing through the test levels was a...

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Several weeks ago I had a discussion with an adult ice skater concerning her coach, she had a nagging feeling that things were not going so well and we were able to brainstorm to determine what was actually happening and what her options were. So how do you know if...

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An Official’s View of Adult Figure Skating

Sally Rehorick is a highly respected skating judge from Canada.     She is wonderful to listen to and several years ago she did television commentary for the Canadian National Figure Skating Championships.    It  was a real treat to hear her speak since she has the...

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