What do you wear for your practice sessions?  Unlike our feline friend, scarves, thick woolly sweaters and fur pants are not an option for intense figure skating practices.  Alternatively, do you have trouble finding practice wear that is comfortable, stylish and doesn’t scream “I am a 10-year-old girl”??

Well, you are not alone.  One of our own adult figure skating community feels your pain and wants to create a line of practice wear that meets our needs.  She has created a survey to determine what adult ice skaters require of their practice gear.  

As she states: “I decided to create the survey, because I was frustrated with what was available for practice wear.  It’s all the same and not very good.  I want something that is fun and feminine and I don’t want to wear the skirts that barely cover the leotard brief (no one over 6 wears them).” 

Please click on the link and complete the survey.  It won’t take you very long, it will help support a small business, and we will look awesome on practice ice!

Gentlemen, please weigh in as well!  This isn’t just about dresses; your input is appreciated too.


In my corner of the world, we are usually found in black leggings with 2-3 upper body combinations of fleece and Lycra.  Depending on the season and how hard you are working, you will have more or fewer layers.  We have various levels of skater but pretty much everyone has the same basic outfit and we do have a few fashion slaves who wear Lululemon (but black!).

I personally tend to wear stuff until it falls off me.  I hate shopping, so my wardrobe has remained unchanged (not un-washed!!) for almost 10 years.

Some of the issues I have had over the years with practice wear, in no particular order, are: high price and poor quality fabric, poor fit, fabric that does not bear up to repeated machine washing (who has time to hand wash??) and thin fabric that doesn’t stay warm when it gets wet.

What are your experiences with finding suitable practice wear?  Do you have a favorite brand or can’t-skate-without-it article of clothing?  Share your experiences here!  

And if you still haven’t done it yet, click on the link to complete the survey!!     OR YOU CAN CLICK ON THIS LINK!!!

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