Why do we figure skate?     There have been many times when practice time at the rink has been a haven from life difficulties I was dealing with.

This week at least fifty families lives were shattered, there may well be more since there are many gravely injured survivors.

To be honest, I can’t bear to look at any more Facebook or media posts since everyone seems to be pointing the finger of blame at anything and everyone  and quite frankly I think it exacerbates the extreme helplessness and sorrow that we are all feeling…..again.

Fernan Balsalubre, an American adult figure skater posted this today and graciously permitted me to share his thoughts:

To say that this past week has been tough for me emotionally would be an understatement. People wonder why I took what happened at Pulse nightclub to heart; it’s because it was an attack on my community. But, I must say, our adult skating community has made me smile. We all have different beliefs (in the end, that’s what makes our country great), but our sport and our humanity brings us together. Thank you for the countless messages expressing support/thoughts/prayers. Thank you for expressing how this attack has hurt you. Thank you to the skating club that has pledged to donate to the victims. Most of all, thank you to the skaters in oberstdorf this week who show is people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and styles can come together, kick ice, and push us to be the best humans we can be.
A month ago, I remember we were debating on whether or not to boycott next year’s AN because of its location. In memory of the 49 who were killed, and most importantly, my skating community that has rallied around, I don’t think it would be an option for me to sit AN out.

Happy skating!



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