summerSkatesSummer arrived with a bang yesterday in my part of the Northern Hemisphere,  it was 31 ° and sunny for most of the day but  by late evening we had high winds, thunder and lightening.

I’ve always loved summer skating, when I was a kid it meant you got to skate every day and improve so much more quickly.   It was also a great time to build existing friendships and make new friends since not all clubs in the region hosted a summer school.  Test sessions were more laid back and even the judges seemed a bit more chill.

So in no particular order here are the Top Ten Best Things About Summer Figure Skating:

  1. You need less layers of clothing,  love the feeling of cool wind on bare skin!
  2. You warm up faster and accomplish more on a session.
  3. Being in a cool rink during intense heat helps to beat the heat….
  4. …therefore it’s one of the few environments where you can still do an intense  work out on a very hot day.
  5. Being indoors helps to avoid  sun  damaged skin, I used to be the only kid who returned to school in the fall as pale as she left it in the spring.
  6. No getting up in the dark to  skate on early early morning sessions.
  7. Your feet stay warm!
  8. Test sessions seem to be more relaxed, or maybe it’s just you that is more relaxed.
  9. Summer figure skating schools are a great way to make new friends.
  10. You can cross train outdoors bicycling, swimming, hiking to name a few.

I do acknowledge that there are adult figure skaters who live and train in lands of perpetual summer and that none of this is news to you.  I live in a land where having to dig your car out after a snowstorm is considered an off ice warm up and where skaters have to warm up their skates with hair dryers in between sessions so we are all really loving this!

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